Welcome To Sinopak
Greetings From The CEO

I am giving you a warm welcome and I am very pleased for this opportunity to introduce Sinopak. Our business has been started in 2015 in the name of Sinopak having great ambition to be the best in tableware industry. The main idea was to introduce a big choice of high quality dinner and tea sets with unique, outstanding design that fits different geographical demands, all of that at an affordable price. Over the last five years we’ve gradually expanded the product line, which now includes a wide range of materials such as opal glass, porcelain, bone China and many more.

Affordable luxury is our principle. We will continue expanding our business with creativity, challenging spirit and “can do” attitude because customers’ satisfaction is our greatest reward. Thank you.


It all began with Sheikh Tariq Javed. He believed that there is a better way to do trading and distribution. A more valuable, less invasive way where customers are earned rather than bought. That’s why back in 1981 Sheikh Tariq Javed started a kitchenware distribution business.

The rest is history.

To offer a big choice of high quality crockery with unique, outstanding design at an affordable price.


To build a manufacturing brand and reach the top of the market by bringing to it prominent, reliable products characterized by excellence and equity.

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